palm springs shopping

here are some of our favorite shops in downtown.

we highly recommend raymond lawrence (830 north palm canyon drive), a cool designy co-op where you can find clothes, skincare, housewares, modernism souvenirs, and many more awesome things. the staff is friendly too.

across the street is trina turk (891 north palm canyon drive), the boutique from a california designer whose aesthetic is super palm springs; her men’s and women’s boutique is a must-see. plus, one of her suits may make an appearance on one of the grooms at the wedding.

both shops are located in a stretch of fabulous midcentury design-minded shops. here are a couple:

just modern:

mod shop:

the artist known as shag, who has cultivated a super palm springs aesthetic, has his own shop located in downtown. here is a sample of his work:


for the more adventurous, and are brave enough to venture out on the biggest shopping weekend of the year, there are a couple of outlets 30 miles west of palm springs. they have a lots of high end shops like gucci, barney’s, coach, to name a few.


restaurant suggestions

here are some of our favorite to eat and check out while you are in palm springs:

cheeky’s (622 north palm canyon drive) is a popular and cute place to grab some brunch; get there early of you will be waiting for a while!

rick’s (1596 north palm canyon drive) is a no-nonsense diner, but the food is good and we eat there often.



norma’s at the parker palm springs (4200 east palm canyon drive) has a great menu too, and the hotel itself is worth a look (jonathan adler decorated the whole place). that’s sean above eating at norma’s a few years ago.

and tinto at the saguaro hotel (1800 east palm canyon drive) is a spanish tapas restaurant with a bunch of tasty plates to try. this one is a nice place for a date.

cabazon dinosaurs


the cabazon dinosaurs are just about 25 minutes away from palm springs, and many of you will get to see them when driving in from la, or on your way back to la.

they are an iconic landmark, and were featured in pee-wee’s big adventure!

we stopped there a couple of years ago, and managed to go inside the dinosaur, which really is a gift shop with an eerie creationist bent, whose mantra is “by design, not by chance!” take that, evolution!

suggested attire

some people have been asking about what they should wear to the wedding.

may we suggest “desert chic”? just kidding, whatever that is.

we were thinking more cocktail attire. it’s a midday affair, so no black tie or anything super fancy. something nice, a little dressy, something comfortable. we don’t know what the weather will be like, but anticipate it will be in the 70s and sunny. or at least we hope.

the ceremony and most of the cocktail hour will be outdoors, so if you want to wear a jaunty hat to shield you from the sun, please feel free.

also, please be advised that we will have a private pool on the grounds, and if it is nice enough we hope that people would take advantage of it and swim! so make sure you pack some trunks or your bikini. towels will be provided.

here is an old photo of sean at that same pool!



the question of registry…

Hello friends and family. There is a murmur occurring among some invitees about gifts. While we love gifts, please note that we certainly do not expect any! We know that this is a destination wedding, and many of you will be traveling from distant places to spend the day with us. Your presence truly is a gift in and of itself!

Additionally, we find it somewhat antiquated to have a formal registry for pots and pans and plates and silverware. This is all fine and dandy for a 20 year old couple who are just leaving their parent’s home and don’t have anything to call their own.

We are middle aged and weathered. We already have a good selection of pots and pans and plates and silverware…

What we don’t have is a fabulous kitchen to put said items into.

So, here is the scoop. If you feel compelled to provide a gift, please consider helping us to get the kitchen of our dreams with an IKEA gift card. Yes, IKEA… their kitchens are beautiful, functional, affordable and fabulous. We will gather up all the gift cards we receive and hike up to the local IKEA to create the kitchen of our dreams! And every time Sean cooks a meal, and every time Aldo eats said meal, we will think of each and every one of you!

This is merely a suggestion, we will of course be just as thankful for some pots and pans and plates and silverware. Or nothing at all… you will still get a thank you card!

about the artist: scrappers

when we asked the awesomely talented portland-based artist justin “scrappers” morrison to create the image and lettering for our wedding invitation we were nervous about the response. we were surprised when he answered with a resounding yes!

we discussed the location and our vision for the wedding, and he eagerly responded by letting us know he grew up in palm springs in an atomic ranch-style house with midcentury design furniture, so he totally got it. it was a match made in heaven.

he spent some time sketching and came up with the final image of the two of us dressed in our suits in the pool, with the san jacinto mountains and giant palm trees in the background, surrounded by our little chihuahua girls lounging poolside on recliners. if you notice there is an empty lounger for cooper. that was totally scrappers’ idea, totally thoughtful and sweet.


a few years ago we commissioned scrappers to paint a family portrait of us with the dogs (back when cooper was still with us) to commemorate our trip to portland. when we checked in at the hotel (which was actually the ace in portland!) this painting was waiting for us at the front desk:


it was perfect: us dressed in our best portland-chic outfits, giving you lumberjack realness, while our dogs rode on top of the log!

here are a few of our other scrappers art pieces from our collection:

DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

to learn more about scrappers and to see more of his art, please check out his website: