thanksgiving dinner plans

hello friends and family. since many of you are coming into town, please note that we are planning to have thanksgiving dinner at the ace hotel.


the blacksheep thanksgiving will take place at the king’s highway restaurant from 3-11. they are serving a pretty traditional turkey day meal all day long for $24; they also have a 3-course dinner including soup or salad and desert for $40. it might be nice to hang out, break bread, and give some thanks before the big event!

aldo and i will be dining at 4:00 pm. we have made reservations for a few folks already as part of the rehearsal dinner (they have been emailed directly). for the rest of you, we didn’t know your plans or itineraries! if you would like to eat there too, call 760.325.9900 to make your reservations soon!


5 thoughts on “thanksgiving dinner plans

  1. Shoot, I called this morning and they were completely booked. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding though! By the way, how long will the reception be going on Friday? 🙂

      1. My fault for waiting! I should have called as soon as I saw your post. I’m happy the wedding party got in, that’s more important. Thanks for reception info. 🙂

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