wedding weekend: the aerial tramway!


for those of you who will still be in palm springs on saturday, please consider joining us for a ride on the aerial tramway! we will be taking a trip up the mountain for a fun day of hiking, and soaking up the scenery and views.

we plan to meet at the aerial tramway station at noon. expect to be back down the mountain around 5 pm, but you are free to leave at any time or stay however long you want. (the last tram down is 9:45!) 

be forewarned: it will be cold up there, usually 20 degrees colder than in the city. for example, the high today was 52 degrees.

the roundtrip costs $23.95 for adults, $16.95 for those between 3-12, and seniors (62+) are $21.95.

for more info check out their website:


3 thoughts on “wedding weekend: the aerial tramway!

  1. I’d like to join you guys in this as well! Last time I was in Palm Springs I only saw pool parties and the bottoms of too many drinks! :/

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